Wonderful Animals Aquapaints
Wonderful Animals Aquapaints
Wonderful Animals Aquapaints
Wonderful Animals Aquapaints
Wonderful Animals Aquapaints
Wonderful Animals Aquapaints
Wonderful Animals Aquapaints

Wonderful Animals Aquapaints

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About our product & how it works

Bestselling Aquapaints
The true magic of Relish Aquapaints is that people in the later stages of dementia are able to express themselves creatively whilst feeling a sense of joy and accomplishment. Each soothing stroke of the brush, with just a dash of water, reveals a beautiful image below.

Wonderful Animals
The Wonderful Animals Aquapaint set includes five delightful creatures; a goldfish, a horse, a cat, a butterfly and a peacock. Each image has clear black guidelines to nudge the artist along.

Spending time with nature's finest can enhance mental wellbeing and relaxation for people with dementia. Best of all, when the water dries, the canvas will fade back to white ready to paint again!

Key product details:

  • 5 x art sheets
  • Reusable - laminate backing, card material
  • No paints needed, just water
  • Should last a year with daily use and care, more if used properly
  • Designed to improve dexterity
  • Age-appropriate images aim to inspire conversations

please note, paintbrush is not included in the set

Care instructions:
If properly cared for, your art sheets can last many years. Please be careful not to scratch the surface, we recommend brushes sans metal grip for this reason. Please do not use chemical agents to clean art sheets as these may damage the images.

Frequently asked questions
How long does the image stay present?
The image will stay present for approximately 10-15 minutes. This time may vary depending on the amount of water applied and the room temperature.

How many images come in each pack?
There are five art sheets in each pack. For more variety take a look at the Aquapaints pack which includes 5 x packs of 5 art sheets!

What brush would you recommend to use with Aquapaints?
Any standard thick brush is okay to use. A sponge brush could also be used.

How do I clean the sheets?
We recommend cleaning with just water and a clean cloth.

How do I paint the picture?
Using just a paintbrush and some water - we recommend using a low dish with a little water to help make this easier to dip the brush into and minimise any mess if accidentally spilt over.

Product information

Product Code
27cm x 21cm x 1cm
Plastic / Card

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