musical armchair travels
musical armchair travels
musical armchair travels

Musical Armchair Travels

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The aged care industry's passport to quality music-based activities!

This unique package combines training, a comprehensive music library, and practical-session guidelines to assist aged care staff to run more engaging and therapeutic music-based activities for their clients

Training and session toolkit combined

Musical Armchair Travels is a unique resource combining facilitator training with age-appropriate music and practical session guidelines.

1.  A training DVD (48 minutes runtime) for staff which includes:

  • Commentary from leading experts in the field of dementia care and creative expressive therapeutic leisure practice.
  • Step by step guide to:
    • Assessing the needs and preferences of the participants
    • Planning the ‘Armchair Travel’ program to suit those needs and preferences
    • Conducting the ‘Armchair Travel’ program
    • Evaluating the outcome to ensure quality and relevance of future ‘Armchair Travel’ programs.
  • Presenters:
    • Colette Baya - Activities Coordinator. Armchair Travels Program Developer Discover the philosophy behind the Musical Armchair Travels program and watch Colette as she takes you step by step through a full Musical Armchair Travels session.
    • Professor Henry Brodaty - Scientia Professor of Ageing and Mental Health, University of NSW. Find out what research says about the benefits of music for sufferers of dementia.
    • Dr Heather Hill - Dementia-care Consultant. Discover how music can move people outside the limitations of the nursing home environment and influence their social and emotional atmosphere.
    • Ruth Wilson - Diversional Therapist. Learn the four steps of successful documentation. These steps will help you show compliance, evaluate the effectiveness of your Musical Armchair Travels program and improve your practice.
    • Michael Mildren - Music Practitioner. Learn why including age-appropriate music in your repertoire of activities is so important.

2.  A set of 6 Armchair Travel sessions based on music (Six music CDs)

  • The music on these six CDs will provide countless hours of accompaniment for the Musical Armchair Travels journeys.
  • Each presenting music based guidelines focusing on a chosen and popular musical destination.
  • All tracks have been carefully chosen and arranged to engage but not agitate or disturb participants.
  • The songs are short and each one will help set the scene for a different musical destination.
  • While the tracks are not designed for sing-alongs, some participants may want to sing along. The main goal of the music, however, is to evoke fond memories and discussion of travel experiences.

MUSICAL ARMCHAIR TRAVELS is an easy to follow, step by step guide to creating, conducting and evaluating quality musical reminiscence programs for people living in supported aged care.

It can be used as a training aid by:

  • staff new to the industry, with limited experience and training or
  • experience fully trained practitioners as a refresher or stimulator of new ideas and concepts.

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