Geri-Gadgets® Fidget Gidget® Bucket
Geri-Gadgets® Fidget Gidget® Bucket
Geri-Gadgets® Fidget Gidget® Bucket

Geri-Gadgets® Fidget Gidget® Bucket

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This colorful array of five gadgets, designed to provide calming sensory stimulation for seniors with varying stages of dementia, comes in a soft, durable silicone bucket. The different components are easy to manipulate and can provide sensory stimulation, cognitive challenges, and tension relief.
The bucket includes:
1) Tugger - Hexagonal-shaped pastel-colored straws joined together with elastic for pulling and shaping
2) Silicone Sensory Mat - a teal round disc for crunching and throwing
3) Squishy Egg - an orange egg that fits perfectly in the hand for exercise and calming
4) Silicone Thera-pad - yellow triangle with popping bubbles that make a sound in both directions
5) Click Chain - a segmented blue/purple link chain that bends and twists and makes noise while playing with it

This high-quality item was designed for and tested by seniors with dementia. The components are safe, virtually indestructible, and can be used without supervision. Everything has also been tested to meet toy industry safety standards for children 3 and over. Items are made from silicone and can be wiped with soap and water or machine washed.

Geri-Gadgets items were developed by Angela Fairhurst who is the owner and inventor of the products. She created them when her mom was diagnosed with dementia. Angela was unable to find therapeutic items to occupy her mom’s time and mind. Most products available were designed for kids and hard to clean. So she created Geri•Gadgets® to provide interactive ways to improve quality of life.