Care Home Packs/The Starter Kit

Care Home Packs/The Starter Kit

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About This Pack

Active Minds Starter Kit is the perfect solution for a professional care setting looking to take activities to the next level. The products have been designed in partnership with care homes, Universities and individuals living with dementia.

How It Works

The kit contains 32 products to support a variety of activities for people living with cognitive impairments, visual and dexterity challenges. The products are durable and infection control compliant having been designed specifically for care settings.

Whatever the interests; puzzles, painting, sensory or board games, there is something in the box for everyone as well as activities which can be completed in a group or individually.

The Active Minds Complete Kit has become the industry standard for activities with over 1000 happy care home customers.

The kits have been co-designed with NAPA to help you find the best selection of activity products for your home.

"Enjoying a few spontaneous moments of conversation, sharing a laugh or just looking at something with someone else usually makes us feel good. That is what we hope for when you dip into this box."

Sylvie Silver, Director, NAPA

Key benefits

  • Infection Control Compliant
  • Intergenerational activity
  • Suitable for all abilities