art extra aqua brushes set of 3


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Lightweight, refillable water colour brushes with white synthetic taklon fibre tips. These multi-purpose brushes can be used for colour drawing, painting, illustrations and calligraphy. Simply fill with water for water colour painting or fill with drawing inks or dyes for other artworks. Easy to wash and no need for water pots to be sitting around.

How to use the Aqua Brush:

1. Simply unscrew the brush barrel and fill with clean water.

2. Screw back together and you’re ready to start painting.

3. Gently squeeze the barrel to push out droplets of water onto your water colour block and swirl as usual to pick up the colour.

4. Brush onto water colour paper or selected surface and start creating your piece of art.

5. To change to a different colour, or when finished painting, brush out any excess colour onto scrap paper, paper towel or sponge, then squeeze the barrel to push out more water to clean the tip.