marti visits vol. 1 visitation cd set (set of 4)

Marti Visits Vol. 1 Visitation CD Set (set of 4)

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Take clients on adventures that spark reminiscence and discussion with this set of 4 delightfully different CD's. Creator Marty Sawyer gently speaks to the listener, setting peaceful and soothing scenes as she voices a variety of fun and fabulous characters. These delightful CD's alleviate stress and agitation, while stimulating the mind and offering the opportunity for sharing personal memories. Play them bedside or in a group setting. You can pause each story for more time to discuss it. Set includes Morning (take a stroll through the neighborhood, experience beautiful gardens, colorful neighbors and a wonderful breakfast), Afternoon (experience a fabulous luncheon, a foursome of friends and funny company at a game of cards), Tea Time (hear stories of adventures in England and Boston, complete with an interesting cast of characters) and Evening (explore the night sky and venture out after dinner to enjoy a small town auction that ends with a surprise twist). Copyright 2006. Each CD is approx. 30 minutes.

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