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Paint Project

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How It Works

Our unique Painting Project book has been developed for people with dementia and is suitable for all abilities. Painting Project provides an accessible outlet for creativity whilst stirring personal memory.

An individual can enjoy the book by themselves, or as part of a group activity. Painting Project has 40 clear outline drawings, making it simple for the user to use and enjoy the satisfaction of creating beautiful images without assistance.

The images have been rigorously tested in care homes and selected for their appropriate levels of complexity and content.

Easily photocopied for group sessions, Paint Project is an effective and reusable tool for anyone wanting to provide engaging, meaningful and achievable activities for people living with dementia.

Key benefits

  • Can help to improve dexterity
  • Encourages choice and control
  • Encourages conversation
  • Helps restore a sense of personal identity
  • Individual or group activity